A housing development on green fields in Bradford looks set to be given the go-ahead, despite the concerns of a parish council.

Skipton Properties wants to build 104 homes, including 16 affordable homes, on land off Ryedale Way, Allerton.

The site has previously been allocated for housing, although some of the land in question has since been turned into a village green and therefore cannot be developed.

Skipton Properties has applied to build the family homes and access roads on the remainder.

The application has attracted 56 objections and Sandy Lane Parish Council has also objected to the scheme. It says schools and doctors’ surgeries were already oversubscribed and this would add to the problem.

West Yorkshire Police backs the scheme in principle but has raised concerns about a footpath crossing the site, which would be kept when the homes are built.

The police say where the footpath is planned to run behind homes, this could leave the households vulnerable to crime.

Planners have recommended keeping the right of way.

In its application, Skipton Properties said: “This site provides a unique opportunity to develop a high-quality development of family housing that will stand the test of time and remain sustainable in its surroundings.

“More than this we hope to signify that something special is happening in the Allerton area in order to draw the attention of investors and prospective homeowners.

“Our vision is for the site to play its full role in the improved economy of Allerton and the wider Bradford Metropolitan District. The area will have a vastly improved image.”

The application is recommended for approval by Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee on Thursday as long as the developer contributes £435,254 to schools and £141,349 for recreation areas.