A woman rape victim leaped in terror from a window to escape her attacker, a court heard.

Brutal Jaspal Singh, 31, was yesterday jailed for seven years and two months after pleading guilty, on the day of his trial, to rape.

Bradford Crown Court heard he attacked the 40-year-old woman, who was working as a prostitute, after taking her to a family property in Flockton Grove, East Bowling, Bradford.

Jailing him, Judge David Hatton QC told Singh: “You used verbal aggression, you used unnecessary violence, and you exerted considerable force upon her. She believed that she was being detained. The threats you issued were so great, and she was put in such fear, that she leaped from a window to escape from you.”

Judge Hatton said there had been a consensual business arrangement but Singh then forced himself upon the woman against her will. He said: “It’s clear that you thought that you could do with her what you wanted to do, and indeed you told her that.

“What you must understand, and what you clearly failed to understand, is that women who work in that capacity have the same rights as any other woman. They have the same feelings, they suffer the same fear and they feel the same pain.

“I am satisfied you used violence, and threats of violence, beyond that inherent in the offence.”

Prosecutor Mark McKone said Singh was a passenger in a taxi, on December 11 last year, in City Road, Bradford. He asked the complainant to get in the taxi with him and the driver took them to the address in Flockton Grove, where he took her upstairs.

He paid her £30 for sex, but Singh became rough and aggressive and forcefully kissed her. The complainant was frightened.

She asked him to stop what he was doing, but he slapped her hard on the bottom and leg and grabbed her by the hair. She was crying and gave him his money back, but he took hold of her and threatened her with a clenched fist. She said he had an evil expression on his face and was so scared she shouted for help from the bedroom window. She ran downstairs and called 999. Officers found her outside and she told them she had climbed out of a window.

Mr McKone said the complainant had made a victim personal statement in which she described losing four and a half stone, and her hair, because of the stress of the attack. She still had difficulty sleeping five months later, had stopped going out and did not like being alone in her flat.

Mr McKone said Singh had four previous convictions for indecent assault. The last one was in 2001 when he took a prostitute to a secluded area, threw her to the floor and ripped off her clothes.

Singh’s barrister, Andrew Dallas said his client had put his earlier offending behind him. The offence had been clumsy, unpleasant and aggressive, but what happened had been consensual until halfway through.

Judge Hatton ordered Singh to register as a sex offender indefinitely and also made an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, prohibiting him from having any contact with any female involved in prostitution.