Thieves have stolen 161 traffic cones worth over £1,200, leaving a charity out of pocket.

A handful of the cones, used at the Haworth 1940s weekend, have since been returned, but the majority, costing £7.50 each, will need replacing.

Haworth Main Street trader Nikki Carroll warned that if the dozens still missing are not recovered, the cost will come out of the fundraising total.

The event, earlier this month, was raising cash for the Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen’s Families Association (SSAFA), which also led the event’s organisation.

Mrs Carroll, who was one of the local organisers, said 161 traffic cones had been taken – a quarter of the total deployed to help control traffic during the weekend.

“On Saturday morning when I opened my shop there were four cones sat in front of the shop door, but that leaves many more still missing,” she said.

“This is very disappointing, every penny raised from the 1940s weekend is in aid of SSAFA, offering lifelong support for our forces and their families – £1,200 would have provided so much to those in need.

“Each cone costs £7.50. They’re supplied to us free by a company in Retford called Traffic Management Services.

“They’ve been supplying them for the 40s weekend for the last few years as a goodwill gesture, but if so many have been lost, the cost will come out of the charity’s pocket. Every year we’re always a few cones down, but nothing like this.”

The cones should be returned to the car park outside Bridgehouse Mills.

A spokesman for Traffic Management Services stressed that the firm did not blame the 1940s Weekend organisers for the missing cones, but added that the business would still need to recover its costs.

She said: “We’ve tried to do something to help a charity, but because people have taken these cones it will end up costing that charity, which isn’t fair.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.