Neighbours were woken by screams and shouts as a family of ten fled a house fire in Bradford yesterday.

Five young children and five adults were taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary as a result of the early morning blaze in Westfield Road, Manningham.

One neighbour said a couple of the children had passed out. Another said the children were aged between two and five years and that two of the adults were grandparents aged in their 70s.

Next-door neighbour Shayan Hassan, 21, raced from his home after hearing the commotion. He said: “I heard screams. As soon as we were going to run in, they ran out.

“They were proper shaken up, and were out in their bedtime clothes. A couple of the little ones had fainted.

“Luckily they are all right.”

The fire started in the cellar of the terraced house at about 6am and spread to the ground floor. Some of the adults in the property were alerted to the fire because they were awake for morning prayer, said Mr Hassan.

He added: “The old man wakes up at about 4.30 for morning prayers. The fire has come underneath their rooms and doors. Then we heard the screaming and shouting.”

Mark Helliwell, a fire investigator for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and station manager at Fairweather Green, said the terraced house did not have working smoke alarms and that the family had a lucky escape.

“They were evacuated and taken to hospital for routine check-ups,” said Mr Helliwell. “There was no working smoke detection in the property. I would urge everyone to contact their local fire station and request a home fire safety check. It was very much so a lucky escape.”

Mr Helliwell added that the cause of the fire was “not looking deliberate”.

Five fire crews from Fairweather Green, Bradford, Idle and Shipley stations attended the house. Eight other properties were searched and several suffered smoke damage from the fire.

Mr Helliwell said: “The smoke spread through the cavities of the walls and the eves of the buildings.”

Mr Hassan, who had his doors and windows open yesterday to air his house, said: “There was really thick smoke in my house, my sofa is blackened out.”

He added: “I was impressed with the fire service, they were here within minutes.”

There was still a smell of smoke in the street later in the morning. One neighbour, who was called Jimmy, said smoke was pouring out of the house at the time of the fire, but added that he couldn’t see any flames. He said: “There was just so much smoke. The street was packed out with fire engines and ambulances.”

He added: “They are a good family – I just hope they are all all right.”