A 13-year-old boy has been given an Asbo barring him from nuisance activity throughout Calderdale.

Lewis Warren was made subject of the two-year order by Calderdale magistrates for his anti-social behaviour mainly in Rastrick, Brighouse.

The order bans him from: acting in an anti-social way to make anyone in Calderdale who does not live in the same house as him feel harassed, alarmed or distressed; kicking footballs at business premises unless with owner’s consent in Calderdale; entering any premises in Calderdale from which he is barred or remaining in any premises when asked to leave by owner; climbing on top of any building in Calderdale that he does not live in or have permission to climb; approaching or speaking to people involved in the case; entering or staying around the shops within the boundary of Highfield Road, Bedale Avenue or Reeth Road, Rastrick; encouraging or inciting others to do any of the prohibited acts contained within the order.

If he breaks the Asbo he risks arrest and custody.