A canvassing leaflet offering free solar panels by 2017 has been reported to the authorities amid claims it breaches election law.

The leaflet was distributed on behalf of Councillor Imdad Hussain (Peace), who is seeking re-election to Bradford Council in the Heaton ward.

It includes a logo for Bradford EcoPower, a green energy organisation Coun Hussain founded in 2011. The leaflet has been reported to Bradford Council’s returning officer Tony Reeves and the Electoral Commission by the Respect Party’s general secretary Ron McKay. In his letter, Mr McKay asked Mr Reeves to decide whether it amounted to bribery.

He said: “Any reasonable person would infer from the leaflet that if elected Hussain will deliver free solar panels to residents.

“This surely amounts to an inducement to vote for him.”

But Coun Hussain refuted any wrongdoing. He stood by the leaflet, saying Bradford EcoPower was “a community organisation not a private company”. He said: “It was set up to raise awareness about climate change.”

A Council spokesman said complaints about leaflets were a matter for the Electoral Commission or police.

The Electoral Commission said the police would be the body to look into the matter.

A police spokesman said it had not yet been made aware of the complaint.