A grandmother has spent two nights in hospital after being attacked by a cow.

Janet Jackson, 56, said she is lucky to be alive after she was charged by the animal, leaving her with crushed ribs and severe bruising.

She had been out following the Six Dales Trail with husband Andrew at Dob Park, near Otley.

She said: “We just turned a corner and there were cows and calves on the track. Within seconds a brown one had gone for me, pushed me over and tried to roll on me. I thought I was going to die.” Mrs Jackson, of The Crossways, Otley, added: “If my husband hadn’t been there I don’t think I would be alive. He wasn’t hit but just pushed aside. He started throwing stones at it and swearing and shouting to get it off.

“Adrenaline must have kicked in and I managed to walk to a nearby farm. The farmer – it wasn’t his herd – was absolutely brilliant and drove us up to my car and from there we went to Harrogate Hospital.

“I’ve got crushed ribs on my left side, I can’t walk very far, I’m bruised all over and I’ll need to take at least ten days off work.

“But it could have been a lot worse. If my granddaughter had been with us it doesn’t bear thinking about. It could have been a really tragic accident.

“Whoever owns them should have them in a field with a gate, away from the public. We all know cows can attack if they feel their calves are in danger.”

A National Farmers’ Union spokesman said: “Cattle are inquisitive and will be especially nervous if surrounded by their young. We advise people to take note of Natural England’s Countryside Code. Our best wishes to Mrs Jackson in her recovery.”