Reasons to be cheerful about Bradford - in 10 parts (click here for more)


Bradfordians have leapt to the defence of the city after it was ranked as the 13th unhappiest place to live in the UK.

Bradford finished as the 98th happiest place out of 111 towns and cities in the UK and also tenth in Yorkshire in a survey released yesterday..

London boroughs made up the entire bottom ten, with East London at the foot of the table, with Bradford finishing just behind North West London in 99th and Wolverhampton 100th on the list.

According to the research carried out by property firm Rightmove, Yorkshire spa town Harrogate was voted the happiest place to live.

A Happy At Home survey asked more than 47,000 homeowners how they felt about 12 factors, including safety, neighbourliness, amenities and their property.

Bradfordians have defended their city, saying that there are reasons to be cheerful, including the National Media Museum, Alhambra Theatre, St George’s Hall and the upcoming Westfield shopping centre.

David Ward MP (Lib Dem, Bradford East), said: “I’m surprised by the findings of this survey.

“When you talk about Bradford district, for instance, two thirds of it is rural. I think it’s a pretty good place to live for most people.

“People like its diversity.”

“Bradford has got a lot of things going for it. When I talk to people from Bradford, they are quite proud of the city.”

Bradford Council leader David Green said: “I still love the place.

“I don’t take a great deal of seriousness to these sorts of surveys.

“By and large, people in Bradford are fairly content. They will raise their concerns and problems, the same as anywhere else.

“You have to look at the bigger picture than just about your home.”

Tony Whiteley, co-owner of Centenary News in Market Street, Bradford agreed, defending the happiness of the city’s residents.

He said: “I’m very surprised by where Bradford has finished. The majority of people I have come across are happy here. I would disagree with that survey entirely.”

What You Think

  • “I’m happy enough. There are worse places to live. There is all of the Westfield development going on. I’m proud to come from here.”

- Terry Britton, 71, retired, of Broadfield Close, Bradford

  • “It’s wrong. Everybody is happy here. There is a lot to do here too. There is more going on than people realise.”

Jessica Sykes, 17, a student, of Parkhead Close, Woodside, Bradford

  • “I don’t think it’s right that we are that low down.We didn’t used to have anything before.There is more for the kids to do in Bradford.

Nicola Richmond, 18, student, of Kilnsea Mount, Bradford

  • “I would agree with the survey, I don’t think it’s a happy place really. I see loads of unhappy faces here. I think Leeds is more vibrant.”

William Carty, 41, chef, of Vere Square, Bradford

  • “People are the salt of the earth here. People warned me when I moved here that Bradford was a dump, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

Shazia Iqbal, 44, a screenwriter, of Cote Farm, Bradford

  • “If we are such an unhappy city, why do we still get people coming here to visit?“Bradford has gone through a bad phase, but that is changing.”

Javed Khan, 46, chief executive officer, of Haworth Road, Bradford