More than 1,600 householders in Bradford are at risk of eviction or repossession, a new study from housing charity Shelter has revealed.

Bradford recorded 1,613 mortgage and landlord possession claims in 2013/14 (one in 124 city households), with more than 17,000 homes in Yorkshire and the Humber at risk of eviction or repossession, the equivalent of 330 households threatened every week.

Bradford is ranked seventh in the list of towns and cities in Yorkshire and Humberside, with Hull top with one in 79 homes at risk.

The research is based on data recorded by the Ministry of Justice over the last financial year, showing how many homeowners and private or social renters have received a possession notice for their home.

Homeless charity Shelter today warned that despite the beginnings of economic recovery, growing numbers of families are still set to struggle. It predicts with the majority of families struggling with their housing costs and interest rates set to rise, many could soon hit danger levels.