A self-employed window cleaner – jailed for money laundering and possessing drugs with intent to supply – has been ordered to pay back almost £80,000 of his ill-gotten gains.

Peter Rawson, 38, was found guilty after a trial in May last year of money laundering and possessing diazepam with intent to supply. He was jailed for three years.

Rawson was arrested after police searched his home in Henley Road, West Bowling, in April, 2011, and seized more than 1,400 diazepam tablets, valued at between £1,500 and £7,500, and almost £3,000 cash.

The trial judge, Recorder Jonathan Sandiford, said that over five years, £198,000 was paid into Rawson’s bank account – some of it was accounted for – and money was also transferred offshore to Thailand and brought back in carrier bags.

Yesterday, at a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Bradford Crown Court, Judge Colin Burn agreed that Rawson had benefited from his crimes by £101,428, but the available amount was £79,169. Judge Burn ordered Rawson to pay the latter sum within six months, with 21 months imprisonment in default.

At the sentencing hearing, Recorder Sandiford told Rawson he had to sentence him for money laundering of just under £100,000, though he said some of the money he received went to pay other people and the costs of his window cleaning business.

Recorder Sandiford, said: “It seems to me there was an element of professionalism in your criminality.”

Describing it as “classic money laundering behaviour,” Recorder Sandiford added: “You were a man prepared to take in any cash if there was money to be made.

“You didn’t care where the money came from.”

Rawson’s barrister, Richard Wright QC, said his client had done work for a children’s cancer charity and had sent food parcels to British troops serving in Afghanistan.