Permission has been granted for Sainsbury’s to open a convenience shop in Bingley in the aftermath of its decision to axe plans for a supermarket in the town.
Bradford Council has given the go-ahead for the shop which will occupy premises in Main Street now used by a Pizza Hut and an empty unit next to it, formerly used by the Co-op.
Sainsbury’s still owns the former Bradford & Bingley headquarters in the town, also in Main Street, which it bought for its cancelled superstore plan.
It wants to demolish the building and sell the site but it has faced criticism over its failure to develop it.
Bingley Chamber of Trade president Howard Martin said it was a shame that Pizza Hut looked set to leave the town but felt the Sainsbury’s store could increase the number of shoppers.
He said: “We look at it that we’re losing one national named business in the town that has been here for almost 30 years. That’s a shame. We have to look at the bigger picture.
“We have to try to move forward and look at the positive effects it will have on footfall in the town.
“There is a lot of ill-feeling towards Sainsbury’s in the town because of the way that people feel they have been misled over the old Bradford & Bingley building. It’s a significant part of the town of Bingley that is not being used at the moment.
“As far as I understand, Pizza Hut will vacate the unit when its lease ends as it is not economically viable to refit another store in the town.”
A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “We hope to be open in February next year. Staff will be on site by January and we are looking to create 20 to 25 local jobs.”
Early this month, it was revealed the delayed demolition of the former B&B headquarters could now take place this summer. The most recent cause of delay were protected pipistrelle bats living in the 1970s-built block.
No-one at Pizza Hut was available to comment. It is understood its lease expires next month.