The district’s biggest social landlord is urging its tenants to report a noisy neighbour.

From Monday, Incommunities will show its customers how they can report people who make their lives a misery with loud music, barking dogs or anti-social shouting.

It is teaming up with Bradford Council’s Environmental Health Service to run sessions in three local housing offices during national Noise Action Week.

Staff will be there to talk about the impact of noise on people’s health and wellbeing, explain the law around nuisance noise, go through how to log incidents, show how they measure and investigate noise problems and also display stereos and other equipment seized in enforcement action.

In the past year, Incommunities has received 484 noise complaints.

A spokesman said: “Top of the list was playing loud music which accounted for nearly 40 per cent of reports.

“Other common nuisance issues we receive include dogs barking, doors banging, domestic arguments, youths causing disturbances, moving furniture and late-night DIY work. At this time of year we also receive reports of noise disturbances from barbecues and parties outside.”

Complaints are investigated by Council officers who first try to resolve the problem informally by talking to both sides.

If this fails, officers have a wide range of legal powers available to them, including serving Abatement Notices requiring the noise to stop, or seizing the equipment used to make the noise.

Anyone who ignores an Abatement Notice can be taken to court and fined up to £5,000 for an individual, or £20,000 for a business.

Steve Hartley, Bradford Council’s interim strategic director for Environment and Sport, said: “Noisy neighbours can cause misery and stress to everyone around them, affecting their quality of life.

“We all make noise at some point, but too much at the wrong time causes friction between neighbours.”

Karen Lee, director of Incommunities’ Neighbourhood Services, said: “We are committed to taking the necessary steps to uphold the rights of our customers to live in peace in their home and neighbourhood.

“Noise Action Week aims to put the spotlight on the impact of noise issues and the measures that can be taken to tackle this form of anti-social behaviour.”

The information points will be held at Devonshire Street, Keighley, on Monday, Commerce House, Kirkgate, Bradford, on Tuesday and The Quays, Victoria Street, Shipley, on Wednesday. Each will be held from 9.30am to 4pm.

Residents can report a noise problem to the Council on (01274) 432111. Incommunities tenants can also call its 24-hour confidential reporting line on (01274) 254274.