A five-year-old boy remains in hospital after his eye swelled shut following a playground accident that his mum says should never have happened.

Malakie Tordoff slipped and fell while on play equipment at Fearnville Primary School, on Monday, banging his face on the equipment. He was taken to hospital with a cut to his cheek, which required butterfly stitches.

However after returning home to Mary Street Caravan Site, he was re-admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary on Wednesday after his eye began swelling. Doctors are currently treating him for an infection, and he remains in hospital on antibiotics.

His mum, Amy Coleman, 27, believes that Malakie slipped on some stepping stones that were still wet from Monday morning’s rainfall, and feels the school, in Tyresal, should not have allowed pupils to be playing on equipment that could be slippery.

She said: “His eye has swollen really badly and he has an infection.

“They were outside playing as part of a lesson after the rain and he slipped. The school shouldn’t have let children play on stepping stones after the rain. It shouldn’t be allowed by health and safety. I want to know why he wasn’t being watched.”

She has now complained to the headteacher, Peter Gibbons, and plans to move Malakie out of the school.

Mrs Coleman said: “He doesn’t want to go back – he was really hurt when I came to pick him up.”

She got a phone call that he had been injured shortly after 2pm on Monday, and rushed to the school to pick him up. She said: “When I got to the school there was blood gushing out of his face. I was a nervous wreck when I found out he had hurt himself.

“He is still being treated by doctors and we’re waiting to see if his eye is infected. He is still in a lot of pain.

“I’m going to take him out of the school.”

She said that until yesterday afternoon she had not been contacted by the school regarding Malaki’s well being.

Mr Gibbons said: “Safety of our pupils is of paramount importance to us and it is very unfortunate if a child sustains an injury.

“The school adheres to strict policies and guidelines with regards to health and safety, and is carrying out an investigation into what happened.”

If he gets the all clear he could be released from hospital today.