A meeting room at Bradford City Hall named after former Lord Mayor of Bradford Ernest Saville (right) is being referred to by its full name in the wake of the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal to avoid any confusion or potential connection to the shamed TV star.

The Saville Room was named after Coun Ernest Saville, who held office from 1990 to 1991. But despite the different spelling, people have wrongly connected the two, so the room is now being referred to by Council staff as the Ernest Saville Room.

The room, on the second floor of the listed City Hall building, is just across from one of the entrances to the Council chamber, and is off a corridor which has civic memorabilia and silverware on display.

Council leader David Green said that no formal re-naming had taken place but that it was simply being referred to using the former Lord Mayor’s full name to help avoid public confusion.

“To my knowledge it hasn’t been formally renamed. But people are using Ernest’s full name to direct the public to the room.”