During his life, Rashid Awan was known as a pillar of the community in Bradford and was a steadfast supporter of charities.

Now, almost a year after his death, his family are planning to make a donation to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal in his memory as he was a keen supporter of the cause.

The family are also hoping to set up a charitable foundation to ensure Mr Awan’s contribution to the city is both remembered and continued.

Mr Awan’s community work earned him and MBE and he was a long-serving president of the Pakistan Society for West Yorkshire.

His daughter, Huma Ahmeda, said: “He dedicated his life to Bradford – he was a very patriotic Bradfordian.

“He was involved with lots of charities. Some went back to Pakistan, but he always wanted to donate a significant amount of the money to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, whatever it was that year.

“He was such an active citizen and did so much for his community, it was his passion,” she said.

His family are now planning to donate £500 to the appeal of this year’s Lord Mayor Councillor Khadim Hussain, which is raising money for Bradford Disability Sports and Leisure, and are looking at ways to set up a charitable trust.

“We are having meetings with prominent members of the community and there are many people who want to support us in this,” she said.

“Hopefully, we will be able to continue putting back into the community,” she said.

Mr Awan, who was 75, died on May 22 last year and his daughter said the last 12 months had been a difficult time for the family.

He died after complications following hip replacement surgery.

In his earlier life, Mr Awan was known for becoming the UK’s first Asian police officer when he joined the service in 1965. He received a long service medal, and a further accolade was being awarded the Citizen of Bradford prize in 2004, four years before the MBE.