More than 500 Muslim men took part in a parade in Bradford yesterday to promote peace, love and harmony.

It was the 15th annual parade hosted by the Naqshbandia Active Development Association (NADA) in Manningham.

It celebrated the birth of the holy prophet Muhammad, the fourth anniversary of the Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia Islamic Centre, and the founder of NADA, Hazrat Khwaja Shaykh Sufi Mohammed Aslam, who died last year.

The parade was followed by a meditation programme and speeches from Islamic scholars. Up to 1,000 people attended in total. There was also a women’s event held at Girlington Community Centre.

At the culmination of the event, food was given out to local residents.

Nazim Ali, of NADA, said: “The aim of the event is to promote community cohesion and inclusion by showing that Islamic values and principles are compatible with modern contemporary Britain.

“Our message is quite clear: our similarities are a source for strength for us all, irrespective of whichever faith we follow, as we all share the universal principles of love, peace and purity of intention.”

People came from across the UK to attend the event, from places such as Glasgow, Bristol and Newcastle.

The parade started and finished at the Islamic Centre in Tile Street, Manningham.