The jury in the trial of the man accused of murdering his former girlfriend after she had told him she was seeing another man was expected to go out to consider its verdict today.

James Gray, 25, denies the murder of mother-of-two Jade Watson, 22, of Wrose, Shipley, in a caravan at the back of his home in Wood Lane, Swain House, Bradford on the afternoon of November 5 last year, but admits her manslaughter.

The jury has been told mother-of-two Miss Watson had suffered a blow to the head before she was throttled to death.

Both the prosecution and defence barristers gave their closing speeches at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Gray’s defence is that he lost control when he and Miss Watson had an “intense argument” in the caravan where he lived behind his mother’s home in Wood Lane.

The jury has previously heard Gray and Miss Watson separated in May 2013 but continued to meet in secret at various locations.

The trial continues.