A teenage plumber who sliced off three fingers with an electric saw underwent eight hours of surgery as doctors fought to save his hand.

Jordan Hizzett, 19, of Wrose, was using a chop saw to cut firewood at a friend’s house when it slipped and the spinning blade struck his middle, ring and little fingers on his left hand, leaving them hanging by threads.

Paramedics were on the scene within seven minutes after the accident at 6.15pm on Saturday.

And he was in theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary by 7pm, said consultant plastic surgeon Ajay Mahajan, who has succeeded Prof David Sharpe following his recent retirement: “I managed to replant two of his fingers using microsurgical techniques which involve using eight stitches to join blood vessels and veins which are a only millimetere in diameter,” said Mr Mahajan, who has been at BRI for three years.

“I had to use vein grafts from his wrist to re establish good flow to his fingers, but sadly I couldn't re-attach the ring finger as it was so badly damaged.

“This morning the fingers are alive and he is able to move them.

“This operation was particularly important for him as being only 19-years-old with his whole life ahead of him,” Mr Mahajan said.

Sitting up in his hospital bed, Mr Hizzett praised Mr Mahajan and his plastic surgery team – a unit founded after the Bradford City fire.

“I just want to say thank you for all they did, I know I couldn’t have had better help anywhere,” he said.

His mother Lynda Hizzett added her gratitude to Mr Mahajan.

“When I got the call to say Jordan was in hospital I couldn’t believe it at first,” Mrs Hizzett said.

“He was in surgery for nearly eight hours and I would thank the paramedics for getting to him so quickly and of course Mr Mahajan.

“He has lost a finger, but it could have been much worse.”

Research at the BRI plastic surgery and burns unit is funded by public donations following its establishment by Prof Sharpe following the tragedy of the Bradford City fire.