A new support organisation for families with child protection problems has been involved in 50 cases in Bradford since it was launched seven months ago.

The There For You Advisory Service was set up by former social worker Simone Richards because she recognised families involved in child protection cases had few places to turn.

She operates with two others at present, providing a telephone advice service but also working with families trying in some cases to prevent them losing children or to have youngsters returned who have been taken into care.

That work involves working with both the families and social services.

Simone explained: “We discuss ways to make improvements which may stop a child being taken from them but we make sure it is a safe environment.

“We don’t just give advice, we keep contact and forward them to other organisations which might also be able to help. We also work with social workers to improve parenting skills.

“When I worked in social services I noticed a lot of families which were being investigated didn’t understand what was going on or what help was available for them.”

Now she is trying to expand the service. The service is on 0800 1123282 or at the there-for-you-advisory-service.co.uk website.