Bradford grandmother Razia Amini is in a busy spin about her latest aid mission.

Last year Mrs Amini, of Heaton, filled a 20ft crate for Gambia in Africa with school uniforms and equipment she either haggled over or got free.

This time, she hopes to be taking up to 100 bicycles with her.

Mrs Amini has been supporting Humanity First for 13 years, providing relief and humanitarian aid across the world – and was last in Gambia’s remote Gambiaff region 12 months ago.

In a few weeks, she hopes the latest crate packed with the bikes she has snapped up cheap from eBay and other things will set off ahead of her. But she is still looking for help to fill it.

She said: “Anyone who has bikes they don’t want or need anymore – big or small – can get in touch with me. That would be wonderful! It's a massive crate and will take lots of filling.

“The teachers and children will really appreciate them. They have to walk miles to get to class.”

In 2013, she filled the crate with thousands of pairs of school trousers, shirts, jumpers and T-shirts, 200 desks and chairs as well as laptop computers, reading and writing books and stationery – all that she had successfully bargained over.

Mrs Amini and three other women from Humanity First will go out to meet it in mid-June.

The money has come from fundraising across the region that Mrs Razia covers for the charity including Bradford.

Charity work is close to Mrs Razia’s heart. She also has links with the British Heart Foundation, the Curry Project in Otley Road and supporting the homeless. As well as bikes, Mrs Razia is looking for unworn clothing, school equipment and unwanted computers. Call her on 07889 524557 or e-mail