Firefighters rescued a tot locked in a hot car outside a primary school.

The girl, thought to be around two years old, got trapped inside the black Audi A6 when her parents accidentally locked it with the keys still inside.

The fire service was called out just before noon yesterday to the car, which was parked outside Merlin Top Primary Academy in Braithwaite, Keighley.

Keighley Crew Commander Darren Creighton said the girl had started to cry because of the heat, as the car had been parked in the sun for a while before she had been placed in her child’s car seat.

He said: “The parents had accidentally locked the keys in the car but the child was too small to be able to use them.

“The child was getting a bit distressed because she was getting red hot.”

Mr Creighton said the child’s parents were also quite upset, and her father had brought over a blanket to cover the windows up in a bid to stop the sun from heating the car up further.

He said: “We broke a small window on the other side of the car to the child, reached in with a pole and hooked the keys out.”

Mr Creighton said once the car was unlocked, the girl’s mother opened the car and retrieved her child.

He said after the tot had had a drink of water, from a stash kept on the fire engine, she was fine.