A woman who embarked on an “orgy of greed and self indulgence” after stealing more than two million pounds from her employer, has been jailed for five years.

Julie Nickerson, and her husband Anthony, who covered up for his wife’s years of plunder, spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, including expensive foreign holidays, luxury cars and attending motorsport events, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

The judge, Recorder Anthony Hawks, told Julie Nickerson, 55: “You and your husband did not need money. You were comfortably off, and what you did was to simply embark on an orgy of greed and self indulgence which only really came to an end when you were made redundant.

“You lived a lavish lifestyle – expensive houses, artwork, holidays that other people could only dream of, sports cars, attending corporate events, the list goes on.”

Jailing her 48-year-old husband for two and a half years, Recorder Hawks said: “When you found out what your wife was doing, it’s quite clear you didn’t seek to put a stop to her dishonesty. You were rabidly on board.”