The work done to support young people and their families by Bradford charity the Joshua Project grows every year and that makes one task increasingly difficult – choosing winners for its annual awards ceremony.

Since it was formed in 2007 the organisation has flourished and its flexible structure means it has been able to help many thousands of young people with a huge range of needs.

That varies from providing youth clubs, to educational support and working in prisons.

Last night’s awards were arranged to recognise both those who have used the opportunities provided by the Joshua Project to overcome personal difficulties and also those who have given their own time to help with the charity’s work.

Chief executive Rich Jones said: “It gets harder and harder, because we are working with more and more young people. Each year you see them achieve more and that is inspiring.”

The Star for 2014 award went to 18-year-old Megan Medley, who has been involved with the charity since its inception and is now looking forwards to a bright future.

Through that time the Joshua Project has assisted with progress which has seen her emerge as a qualified sports instructor, with a volunteering role and aspirations to continue her education at university.

Chief executive Rich Jones described her as going from someone “with no real aspiration to being a really impressive young woman”.

 The Rising Star award went to 12- year-old Joel Garbutt who has “bucked the trend” with his peers, working to steer them in a different direction and was “an impressive young man” said Mr Jones.

The Special Recognition award went to Danni Taylor, 17, who has overcome health problems to show a staunch commitment to helping other people through the charity.

Nicole Greenwood, 17, took the Youth Volunteering award for her efforts with the charity, working on an education learning project where she is described as “a natural”.

The Active Citizen award went to Amy Denning, ten, who has acted as an advocate for diversity both within the Joshua Project and at school.

Brandon Davey, 15, took the Triumph Over Adversity award for his commitment to overcoming a series of challenges he has faced in life. The Community Hero award went to Sue Radcliffe for her voluntary work with children and young people, which had led to her getting employment at a school, and Dave Jennings, who has not allowed a demanding full time job interfere with his work running a young people’s football team.