Cosmetic repairs to the freshly-laid road surface around the new Saltaire traffic light junction will result in temporary road closures in Moorhead Lane and Saltaire Road.

Temporary lights on the A650 Bingley Road will control traffic for two Sundays in May while the surfacing takes place.

The work will be carried out on Sundays May 11 and May 18 and warning signs will be installed, including messages on the Variable Message Signs to notify the public.

Julian Jackson, Bradford Council's assistant director for planning, transportation and highways, said: "With any major development scheme such as the replacement of a roundabout with a traffic light junction, it is normal that minor issues can arise with new road surfacing which need to be rectified later.

"In order to ensure the safety of the public and the contractors, a traffic management system will have to be implemented while the work is being carried out."

Some of the work to be undertaken involves putting in the finishing touches.

A spokesman for Bradford Council added: “Some of the minor works were curtailed and not done as part of the original timetable so as not to inconvenience traders over the Christmas period at their request.”