Courts sent 164 people to prison as a result of crimes committed in the City Ward of Bradford between May last year and February 2014, police statistics reveal.

They show there were a total of 1,433 incidents reported to police in that ward during those months, including 635 violent and sexual offences.

Shoplifting incidents also accounted for slightly less than 12 per cent of the total, with 659 incidents, and there were also 351 burglaries and 224 drugs offences. But complaints of anti-social behaviour accounted for more than 25 per cent of all crimes recorded in the area. Figures show that no further police action was taken in 58 per cent of all cases, though officers handed out 112 fixed penalty notices, 208 cautions and resolved another 127 cases locally.

The statistics show 14 per cent of cases investigated by police ended up with people appearing in court.