Aliens swooping to steal innocent souls from Baildon Moor is the subject of a self-made film trailer by sci-fi fan Adam Mawson.

The graphic designer had long considered making a movie based on alien-abduction and then hit on the idea of creating a short promotional film – as if it had already been made.

The father-of-one from Strathallan Drive, Baildon, used his mobile phone to capture some images of the town and moor before creating special effects using self-taught computer software skills.

“It’s a totally new venture for me. I’ve just got a passion for films and had these ideas for making an alien film based around Baildon.

“It’s just an ideal place for it with the houses so close to the high moor where there have been lots of sightings of UFOs over the years,” said Mr Mawson, 37.

“It would be a really different, interesting place for something to happen,” said Mr Mawson, who works for L&S Prints in Keighley.

“So I just decided to get on and make the trailer – even though the film doesn’t exist yet.”

After filming footage on his phone, Mr Mawson added the magic of speeding stellar lights and extra-terrestrial images to create a gripping promotional clip which is now available to see on YouTube.

“It’s already had more than 29,000 views and I’ve struck up some very interesting contacts with film directors who I’m talking to on social media,” Mr Mawson said.

“None of the friends and family I’ve shown it to can believe that I made it all myself.”

The outline plot involves children disappearing and blame being placed on a predatory paedophile.

However, years later it transpires other-worldly forces were at work.

“I’m now in the process of project writing a script for the film, although it could easily be made into a TV serial,” Mr Mawson said.

Meanwhile, he is still trying to convince his wife Lindsey of the importance of science fiction.

“She likes quite a few films, but really she prefers the soaps and terrestrial TV,” Mr Mawson said.