In addition, a pioneering project has breathed life into 11 run-down and empty homes and is set to convert a further seven before the end of the year.

Five of Bradford’s community organisations came together to create the non-profit company Arise Yorkshire Limited, which was given £1.2 million of Government funding to renovate 18 empty homes.

Once completed they are rented out as social housing through Manningham Housing Association. Mick Binns, Trident chief executive and an Arise board member, said: “It’s going well and we are in talks with a view to hopefully being able to do more in the future if we can access further funding.

“This is just one way of tackling the number of empty homes in Bradford. Our funding was specifically for properties that have been empty for more than six months. Some have only needed a new kitchen and decorating, while others have needed to be gutted.”

He added that most of the properties were terraced houses and two bedroom and that this could also help those victims of the so-called “bedroom tax”.