Bradford East MP David Ward believes all possible action is being taken to safeguard the future of services at a city treatment centre shrouded in uncertainty.

There have been questions about the future of the Eccleshill Treatment Centre since it was revealed Care UK, which has a contract to provide services there until July, would not continue beyond that date.

Mr Ward has now had a meeting with both Care UK and NHS Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group, which pays for patient services to be provided there.

Payment levels are dictated nationally but Mr Ward said it was not viable for Care UK to continue under the terms available.

He said: “The only thing left was for the CCG to seek alternative providers. It is just not viable with the funding made available at national rates for Care UK to continue with the contract. I understand the position Care UK is in and I am satisfied they are commited to working with the CCG to ensure that services and staff are protected.”

A spokesman for NHS Bradford Districts and NHS Leeds West CCGs said: “We are finalising specifications to re-procure some of the services currently provided by Care UK at Eccleshill, either from a single provider or a number of alternative providers within the area.”

“There is now capacity within the local NHS to deliver some of the diagnostic and treatment services available at Eccleshill.”