The National Media Museum, stunning Saltaire and the Bronte Parsonage –they’re all attractions which draw thousands of visitors to the district, but it seems none are worthy of mention in a directory of places to visit in the North.

Miffed tourism staff at Bradford Council have now written to thomson local to find out why the city has been snubbed on its ‘Places to Visit’ page for the North of England.

The omission was noticed by a resident who contacted the Council’s portfolio holder for Employment, Skills and Culture, Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe.

“It was somebody who just contacted me and said, ‘I wanted to show you this, because it’s a Bradford directory and there’s nothing in from the area,” she said.

“There is not one item in it which is actually in Bradford, in spite of us having the National Media Museum right in the middle of the city centre. Instead it has attractions called Pot House Hamlet and Hall Hill Farm – probably very nice but not a patch on the NMM, Bronte Parsonage or Salts Mil.”

Tourism officers now plan to send suggestions as to what local attractions should be included in the next edition of the small blue directory.

The current edition, sent out to homes within the last few weeks, includes the same list of 38 attractions as the 2013/14 publication – including Adventure Valley, Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex and The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.

Coun Hinchcliffe said West Yorkshire as a whole had fared poorly in the directory, with places such as Kirkstall Abbey also absent from the list.

“We’ve got the National Media Museum – part of the Science Museum Group, City Park, Bronte Parsonage and Salts Mill – we’ve got a massive amount to visit in the Bradford district and not to list it at all was a bit of an oversight,” Coun Hinchcliffe said.

She said altering the page, which she thinks may appear in all northern editions of thomsonlocal, may cause the company more work, but she was sure local authorities would be willing to get involved.

“I think it’s something they put in year after year until they’re contacted to say it’s not right,” Coun Hinchcliffe said.

“We just need to highlight to them that towns and cities are quite proud of what they’ve got and if they want to represent the area their customers are in, then they need to show that off.”

No-one from thomsonlocal was able to provide a comment.