A churchyard flasher who drew attention to himself by shouting “Oi!” at his distressed victims was today jailed for four months.

Anthony Duckett, 30, exposed himself to a woman walking to work and a young mother collecting her child from nursery school, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Duckett, a serial flasher with a history of flouting court orders, was chased by the police after he was reported for outraging public decency in the grounds of St John’s Church, off Ingrow Lane, Keighley, on Monday, January 27.

He was committed for sentence to the Crown Court after admitting the offence at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court last month.

Prosecutor Simon Haring said Duckett, of Drake Street, Keighley, had three previous convictions for five offences of exposure, committed in 2006 and 2007.

In 2008, he escaped a jail sentence for three breaches of a community order for flashing, that included a sex offenders' treatment requirement.

Mr Haring told the Crown Court today the latest offending took place within a period of ten minutes shortly before 1pm. The woman on her way to work saw Duckett by some bushes in the churchyard.

He called out “Oi!” while committing a sex act.

His second victim, also hailed with “Oi!”, saw him behaving in a similar way.

She called him “a dirty little rat” and immediately phoned the police.

Officers blocked Duckett’s escape with their patrol car and he was arrested at the scene.

He told police: “Yes, it was me, I flashed.”

Mr Haring said both Duckett’s victims were left shaken and distressed. One was now too afraid to walk past the churchyard.

Duckett’s barrister, Jayne Beckett, mitigating said he was a broken man, left devastated by his re-offending.

He had a partner and a young child and had been forced to live apart from them.

He was being treated for depression and receiving counselling for issues from his past.

Judge John Potter said Duckett had left the women upset and concerned.

“This is highly anti-social behaviour that causes distress in communities,” he said.

He ordered Duckett to register with the police as a sex offender for seven years.