A councillor is demanding action over safety railings at a busy Bradford roundabout some of which have gone missing or been damaged.

Councillor Ghazanfer Khaliq, who represents Bradford Moor, has raised concerns over the railings at Thornbury roundabout, which contains a large grassed area regularly used by residents in the area.

The triangular-shaped piece of land is surrounded by busy roads, so safety railings are essential, said Coun Khaliq (Lab).

He told the Telegraph & Argus: “I have recently been made aware that railings at Thornbury roundabout have been taken down and a number have been damaged. I am concerned that if this continues, the space will become unusable and no longer safe for local residents.

“I have made Council officers aware of this issue and asked them to take appropriate action.”

Coun Khaliq added that residents ran a campaign in the 1990s to stop part of the land being sold off by the Council to enable a factory and offices to be built there.

In 1997, the Telegraph & Argus reported how families staged a protest at City Hall over the moves pledging to fight “tooth and nail” against the development of the site.

A 677-name petition was submitted to the authority after it announced it wanted to put a section of the land on the market.

Residents believed the land had been left as public open space, but Council legal experts said a clause in documents dating back to 1929 about the land was not legally binding.

Marketing and packaging firm Lexicon had wanted to build a £3.5 million factory on the land, but abandoned its plans because of the strength of public opposition.

Graeme Atkins, Bradford Council’s area parks and landscape manager, said: “The fencing and stone pillars were damaged when a vehicle ran into them and the fencing panels were removed as they were dangerous.

“We are going to replace the fence panels but until new panels can be fabricated and installed, a temporary fence will be put up.”