Every child in a Bradford children’s home will receive an Easter egg this year – thanks to a charity’s work.

Bradford Cinderella Club has continued its tradition of collecting the chocolate and is this year supported by AWM Recycling, which donated more than 100 eggs.

Cinderella Club secretary John Atkinson said: “Giving these children just a little makes a huge amount of difference to their lives. Most of us took for granted the little things, but there is a huge number of children in Bradford for whom even the little things are a big deal.”

The Cinderella Club celebrates its 125th anniversary next year and will start the celebrations by taking the children to see The Alhambra pantomime in January. Mr Atkinson said: “One of my favourite memories of growing up was going to The Alhambra and seeing the pantomime. It’s a magical experience and we want every child who spends Christmas in one of the district’s children’s homes to share that magic.”

Bradford Cinderella Club exists to give underprivileged children the treats and trips their more affluent friends may take for granted.

Mr Atkinson said the aim remains to give Bradford’s underprivileged children the same life experiences as their friends.

The charity has paid for trips to the seaside and theme parks and even helped some boys sail tall ships in the channel.

Learn more about their work at cinderellaclub.org and support the pantomime trip by donating £5 by texting OHYES14 £5 to 70070.