A scooter yob caught on camera pulling wheelies on a road beside a children’s playground now faces his bike being crushed or a hefty bill.

Baildon Town Councillor Ian Lyons was working at home when he heard high-revving scooters screaming up and down Cliffe Avenue.

He said: “I went outside to see what was going on and there were these lunatics tearing up and down the road which runs right beside a children’s play area.

“It was two lads on scooters racing each other with no regard for their own or anyone’s safety.

“They were both doing wheelies and obviously didn’t have complete control of their bikes.

“It was intimidating and threatening behaviour, which I believe is the main reason they were doing it – to scare ordinary people.”

Former soldier Coun Lyons acted immediately and filmed the chaos outside his house on Friday afternoon “I rang the police and all credit to the Neighbourhood Police Team who came round and got the film within half an hour,” he said.

“I’d only got the number plate of one bike and within an hour they rang and told me they’d found and seized the bike from someone already under a Section 59 anti-social behaviour order.

“Unless he pays to recover the bike, which is probably more than it’ll be worth, then it will be crushed.

“I feel it’s our duty to stand up for our communities and report things like this in order to help the police do their job.”

Coun Lyons was speaking after a separate incident on Monday night when his house had a lump of stone hurled at its front window.

“There was a great bang outside just before midnight,” he said.

“It was a great piece of sandstone which luckily bounced off the PVC window frame and didn’t smash the window.

“If it had come through the glass and hit someone, it could have killed them.”

A West Yorkshire police spokesman confirmed that a Honda scooter belonging to a 20-year-old Baildon man had been seized and that he faced recovery fees range from £150 to £350 with storage charges of £20 to £30 a day Sergeant Craig Marshall, of the Shipley Area Neighbourhood Team, said: “At about 11.52pm on Monday, officers were called to an address in Cliffe Avenue, Baildon, following a report of criminal damage at the property.

“Officers conducted a detailed search of the area for suspects, but no one was found in the vicinity.

“Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.”