The owner of private land blighted by flytippers has been served notice to clear it by Bradford Council.

Residents have been left angered at mounting levels of rubbish being dumped by their homes behind Chislehurst Place and Pennington Terrace, Little Horton, Bradford.

And they fear no-one is taking responsibilty to deal with it.

Ian Thompson, of Chislehurst Place, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting out there.

“I open my curtains and that’s the first and only thing I see. At the moment, it is the worst it’s ever been.

“The Council used to clear up the area every few months, but I spoke to them recently and they said they don’t know who owns the land and they’ve no intention of clearing it.”

Mr Thompson said an increasing amount of old furniture and white goods had been dumped at the site in recent months, which he feels now poses a health and safety hazard.

“Someone obviously had new windows fitted a few weeks ago and they’ve just dumped all the old stuff here,” he said. “Since then everyone else has been dumping their rubbish too. It gets worse every day.

“I saw one person wheel a piano down from their house to the site and I stopped someone else throwing some old chairs there.

“We’ve looked at some deeds and they show only a very small part is owned by the home owners and so the authorities are surely responsible.

“It could easily be blocked off to stop people, but the Council obviously can’t be bothered.”

Steve Hartley, Bradford Council’s interim director for environment and sport, said it was working with residents to try to identify and prosecute those responsible for fly-tipping, and scotched any suggestions that introduction of residents’ permits for Household Waste Recyling Centres had led to an increase in the problem across the district.

“This area is privately-owned and Bradford Council is not responsible for clearing private land,” he said.

“We have identified the owner and in March we served notice for it to be cleared.

“However, this notice does not expire until later this month.

“If it is not cleared by then we will follow up the notice with enforcement action.”