Fire investigators have warned people of the dangers of using candles after an elderly woman suffered serious burns while running a bath in her Bradford home.

It is believed she was injured as a result of candles being places around the bath, which set fire to her skirt.

The fire then spread to the rest of her clothing, which she was still wearing at the time.

Despite using bath water to douse the flames herself, the woman sustained severe burns and remained in hospital last night.

Ambulance crews and firefighters from Idle and Rawdon stations attended the incident, which took place in Ravenscliffe Avenue, Bradford, shortly before 1.30am last Friday.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Investigator, Gary Kendrew said: “This fire brings home the reality of why candle safety is so important. In this instance candles were wedged into shampoo bottles around the bath.

“We would always advise people to be incredibly careful with any naked flame. Candles should always be placed on a heat-resistant surface in a proper holder.”

In the last five years, between April 1, 2009, and March 31, 2014, there have been 215 fires started by candles across the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service area, 185 of which have been in residential dwellings.

The latest incident has prompted the fire service to issue a reminder of safety advice that should be followed when using candles.

Their simple tips to reduce danger include; placing candles on a heat-resistant surface and ensuring care with night lights and tea lights, which can get hot enough to melt plastic.

Candles should also be kept in a proper holder so they don’t fall over, be put out of reach of children and pets, and kept away from curtains and other fabrics or furniture that could catch fire.

There should be at least one metre between the candle and any surface above it, and they should be kept at least 4in apart.

The fire service has also reiterated the importance of fitting a working smoke alarm, and testing it regularly. To book a free Home Fire Safety Check visit,