Most patients referred to Airedale General Hospital feel they are treated with dignity and respect, a new survey has shown.

The latest inpatient department survey published by the Care Quality Commission rates the hospital highly in several areas.

A selection of adults who had stayed overnight at Airedale in August last year were asked for their views on different aspects of the care and treatment they received.

Nationally, 156 acute and specialist NHS trusts were involved, and they were marked out of ten in each category.

Airedale had an above-average response rate, of 50 per cent.

The trust scored 8.8 for patient dignity and respect and for satisfaction with the length of time on the waiting list after referral for treatment.

The number of patients happy that their hospital specialist had been given all the necessary information by their GP was also high, at 9.3.

People’s confidence in the doctors treating them scored 8.9.

Satisfaction with the choice of food was also marked at 8.9.

One area in which Airedale’s performance worsened was in relation to staff discussions with patients about whether they needed additional equipment or adaptations in their home, which dropped from 8.9 to 7.3.

Rob Dearden, director of nursing at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said that overall he was pleased with the results.