A Bradford man who turned himself in after raiding a house was shopped to the police by his parents after ransacking another home.

Simon Beaumont, 20, was traced by his victim after smashing his way into a property in Bankfield Road, Shipley, and stealing jewellery, electrical goods and £600 in cash.

He gave back the stolen goods, but had spent the money on food, clothes and alcohol, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Beaumont, who was living “from couch to couch” took the victim to his parents’ home to ask them to reimburse the cash, prosecutor Shamaila Qureshi told the court.

They alerted the police and their son was arrested.

Beaumont pleaded guilty to burgling the house on February 28 with an accomplice he refused to name.

In November, 2012, he was spared custody after returning to a house he had burgled, in Cross Banks, Shipley, to give himself up.

He had tried to hand himself in, but when that failed, he went back to the address and broke in again.

When a neighbour called the police, Beaumont came out with his hands up, saying: “I did the job the other day and have come back to be caught.”

Beaumont, then of Mornington Villas, Manningham, Bradford, told the police he had not eaten for a month before the burglary.

He was sentenced to eight months in a young offender institution, suspended for 18 months, with a four-month curfew, a community order and 180 hours of unpaid work.

But the court was told yesterday he was sent to custody for six months in July last year after repeatedly breaching the order.

Beaumont’s solicitor advocate, Andrew Walker, said his client was now back home with his parents who would lend him £600 to pay back to the burglary victim.

He had mental health challenges after suffering a severe head injury when he was attacked some years ago.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC sentenced him to 12 months custody, suspended for two years, with supervision and 180 hours of unpaid work.