Long-term exposure to air pollution led to more than 200 deaths in Bradford in a one-year period, according to latest figures.

Estimates of the number of deaths in UK local authorities that can be attributed to long-term exposure to particle air pollution have been published by Public Health England.

For the first time, the report estimates the number of such deaths in all local authorities in the UK. It builds on figures produced for the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

The figures showed there were 222 attributable deaths in Bradford in 2010, with 2,318 years of associated life lost in that year.

The report showed that, in the Yorkshire and Humber region, long-term exposure to air pollution led to around 2,500 deaths.

Friends of the Earth Campaigner Simon Bowens said: “It’s a scandal that thousands of people die prematurely in our region every year because of polluted air.”