Bike thieves dealt a devastating blow to a cyclist’s hope of raising cash for a cancer charity.

Andrew Coulton, of Sandbeds, Keighley, planned to compete in the Outlaw Half triathlon in June to raise cash for Cancer Research UK.

But thieves have raided the garage next to his house in Heaton Avenue, stealing both his training and competition bikes.

The “heartbreaking” theft is being investigated by police.

Mr Coulton used one of the bikes to commute daily to work in Bradford.

He intended to use the other, a top-of the-range mountain bike, for the triathlon.

Wife Ceri said he had managed to repair an old bike for commuting but it would not be up to the rigours of the competition.

The Outlaw Half, at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham on June 1, involves a 56-mile bike ride, a 13.1-mile run and a 1.2-mile swim.

Ceri said her husband entered the contest because one of his friends had been ill and the friend’s mother had died.

She said: “He’s been training for about ten months, commuting to work and riding on the road bike every weekend.

“It’s heartbreaking to lose both bikes. I can only assume the thieves followed him home as he rode on the canal bank.

“They’ve come down off the canal bank and smashed the lock on the garage door. They’ve gone back on the canal bank towards Bingley.”

Anyone with information about last Friday night’s theft is asked to contact police on 101.

Mr Coulton still hopes to be able to go ahead with the triathlon and anyone who wishes to sponsor him should visit