An advertising van left burned out in the private car park of a Bradford confectionary company has damaged the business, according to its frustated owners.

Umaad Shahif, manager at Regal Sweet & Snacks in White Abbey Road, Whetley Hill, said the van had been set alight early last Thursday, having already been abandoned in the company’s private car park for more than a week.

“We have been ringing the companies and the police every day, but we’re just going around in circles,” he said. “The whole thing makes us look unprofessional.”

A spokesman for the Bradford-based printing firm, Urban Concept, whose stickers were on the side of the van, said it had sold the vehicle to compensation claims company, Claim 500, based on Kirkgate, a year ago.

No-one at Claim 500 was available to confirm to the Telegraph & Argus whether the company owned the vehicle, but said that management would be “made aware of the situation”.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said an officer visited the site yesterday to discuss the situation with Mr Shahif.