A group of Bradford Diabetes Champions are to be rewarded for their hard work.

They will be presented with certificates tomorrow for the part they play in the Bradford Beating Diabetes (BBD) campaign, started by NHS Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group last year.

The champions run Intensive Lifestyle Change Programme groups at venues across the city, supporting others at high risk of developing the condition.

Their training is now complete and their dedication is being recognised at the certificate ceremony, tomorrow, from 1pm to 3pm, at the Carlisle Business Centre, in Manningham.

The BBD campaign runs until at least March next year and is working towards identifying everyone in the city at risk of developing diabetes in the future.

The campaign also wants to make sure all 7,500 diabetic patients in the city are getting the right help and treatment they need.

A number of awareness-raising events have already been held, including Purple Day when City Hall’s famous clock tower and the fountains in City Park were floodlit in the BBD campaign’s colour.