Bradford East MP David Ward has taken part in a blind walkabout with Guide Dogs to help raise awareness of issues affecting people with sight loss walking on streets such as street clutter, traffic and uneven paving.

He visited the London home of the national charity to meet up with staff and was given a walk around the streets blindfolded and led by Sky, a black Labrador guide dog.

Guide Dogs has delivered expert breeding and training for more than 75 years, providing thousands of dogs to blind and partially-sighted people across the country.

Mr Ward said: “Walking around blindfolded was quite an unnerving and disorientating experience and it makes you aware of the huge obstacles that blind and partially-sighted people have to overcome every day.

“That’s why it is imperative that local authorities and central government does everything it can to put in the correct measures to help, such as appropriate highways and street pavements, introducing talking buses and ensuring uncluttered streets, undertaking every effort to ensure that blind and partially sighted people are able to walk around our street without fear of avoidable accidents or injuries.”