Delays to home insulation plans in Bradford could soon be resolved.

A regional manager with a firm which linked up with Bradford Council to deliver the programme hopes funding issues will “stabilise” in the coming weeks.

And he urged residents to contact the firm if they are still interested in the scheme.

Andrew Cooper, Yorkshire office manager for Tadea-UK, said Government funding cuts had hit the B-warm project which has proved popular with Bradford residents.

“The cuts have created a hiatus in the energy sector,” he said.

“We hope the situation will stabilise in the next few weeks and that insulation work can then go ahead."

The B-warm scheme started last year with hopes of improving up to 1,200 homes across the district – many with hard to treat ‘irregular’ wall cavities.

But problems arose when the Government decided to cut so-called ‘green levies’ from energy bills.

“Since the cuts, we have been working out how to fund schemes such as this,” said Mr Cooper. “As soon as there is stability we want to get back in touch with people interested in the scheme. People should contact us if they are in doubt.

“We had good levels of interest in the Bradford area, but we have been tripped up by Government cuts which have come right down the line to residents.”

One of those keen on the scheme was Tony Grogan, of Saltaire. He questioned the length of time it was taking to access the B-warm scheme, an issue highlighted by the Telegraph & Argus late last year.

The insulation was said to be suitable for hard-to-insulate houses such as stone-built properties with variable cavities. “It was ideal for many homes in this area,” said Mr Grogan, who lives in Albert Avenue.

As advised, he contacted North East-based Tadea-UK and provided details. When there was no response, he got back to the firm in March and was told “insecure funding” was the reason for delay.

A spokesman for the Council said: “Funding for the B-warm home insulation and boiler replacement project was affected by the Government’s autumn statement in 2013 which reduced the funding provided by the national Energy Companies Obligation scheme.

“This affected funding streams to some contractors more severely than others with the result that free boiler replacements are no longer available in certain areas.

“Funding for other measures, such as insulation, is still available and the Council is negotiating with contractors to try to work out the best way to continue to help residents who qualify for the B-warm scheme despite the Government’s decision.”

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