A Fairtrade farmer from the Middle East visited Guiseley School to talk to students about the ethical campaign.

Tazier Aribisi gave an assembly to Year nine students and spoke to a Year 12 geography class about his own experiences as a farmer who benefits from the scheme.

Guiseley School, now in its fourth year as a Fairtrade school, thanked Tazier for visiting and sharing his views.

Sixth former Jenny Britton said: “During Fairtrade Fortnight, Year seven students learnt about the importance of buying Fairtrade bananas and supporting farmers who produce them.

"Supermarkets have driven the price of bananas to lower than they were ten years ago, which is keeping banana farmers in a never ending downward cycle of poverty.

"Switching to Fairtrade bananas means that farmers are given a fair price for their produce and can support their families and have a better life all round.”