A couple who were caught out by strict bus lane cameras after pulling over to let an ambulance pass have had their fine cancelled, after their case was taken up by the Telegraph & Argus.

Maurice and Lilian Owens were travelling back from Shipley to their North Yorkshire home on the A650 Bradford Road, when the emergency vehicle approached with its lights flashing and siren sounding.

Mr Owens, who was driving, pulled over into the bus lane to allow the ambulance to pass, then continued on his way.

Much to his surprise he then received an automatic penalty charge notice through the post for £60 from Bradford Council.

But despite contacting the ambulance service and receiving confirmation that one of their vehicles had been in the vicinity at the time responding to an incident with blue lights and sirens, the Council refused to accept this as grounds for an appeal.

A frustrated Mrs Owens said: “We knew we had pulled into the bus lane – and if we had done it without an ambulance trying to get past we would have just paid the fine.

“It’s not about the money. To me this is an easy way for the Council to make money. For them there are no grey areas – it is black and white.”

The Council has now confirmed to the T&A that after reviewing the case the fine has been waived.

A spokesman said: “We have reviewed this case and, after consideration, taken the decision to cancel the penalty charge notice. We have written to Mr Owens to confirm this.”

Upon hearing the news, Mrs Owens said: “I appreciate it, however what about other people that are in the same situation?

“I think there are some circumstances that are exceptional and need to be looked at on an individual basis.”

The Highway Code advises drivers to take appropriate action to let an emergency vehicle using flashing lights and sirens pass, while complying with all traffic signs. If necessary, pull to the side of the road and stop, it adds.