Golden wedding couple Valerie and Herbert Green have raised hundreds of pounds for cancer patients in the city by asking for cash donations instead of presents.

Mr and Mrs Green, 71 and 72, of Hanover Gardens, Little Horton, Bradford, wanted to fundraise for Ward 15 at Bradford Royal Infirmary because of the help and care it gives them.

Mrs Green was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and has had half a lung removed because of the disease – but nothing was going to stop her from celebrating 50 years of married bliss, she said.

“After 50 years we’ve still got each other and got everything we need, so we thought it would be good to raise funds for ward 15 instead. They’ve been wonderful to us.

“I never let my health or anything get me down, I just take each day as it comes and that gets us by just fine.”

The pair’s anniversary date is on Friday when they will have a celebration with 60 family and friends.

Last week they had a party for friends at the retirement complex where they live and made £400.

The couple got married at the former St Mary Magdalene’s Church, off White Abbey Road, half a century ago. They have two daughters, six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Earlier in the week Mr Green sprung a surprise on his wife at Hanover Gardens’ regular coffee morning when they renewed their vows.

“I surprised her and everyone else! Only the complex manager, me and the vicar were in on it!” he said.