Keighley Civic Centre has been packed full of information about this July’s Tour de France.

Keighley Town Council, which runs the building, is hosting a colourful Tour de France display in the former reception area.

The display, assembled by cycling enthusiast Frank O’Dwyer, contains pictures, articles, leaflets and maps, and adds to an information point set up by Mr O’Dwyer in the nearby library.

Mr O’Dwyer said: “I don’t mean this to be a permanent fixture. What I would really like is for schools to come and have a look, then go back and put together their own creative work which I will add on to the display.

“The race will go through here in 90 seconds – but it’s what we do before and after the event that’s important.

"It will be the biggest thing Keighley has ever seen.”

Schools interested can call Mr O’Dwyer on (01535) 600905 for information.