The family of the tragic mother who took her life in Shipley Asda have spoken for the first time to thank the nurse who rushed to help her.

Speaking after the funeral of 36-year-old Sobia Yousef, a close relative contacted the Telegraph & Argus to praise Beata Borejko who was shopping in the store last Tuesday morning.

She watched in horror as Mrs Yousef, thought to be distraught with grief over the recent death of her young daughter, took a knife from a display shelf and stabbed herself.

Without hesitation, Mrs Borejko rushed to the fallen woman and tried to stem the heavy flow of blood but the wound proved to be fatal and she died in Mrs Borejko’s arms.

“It was obviously a terrible situation and while some people might have just stood and screamed at what they saw, this Polish lady had the courage to try to help without any thought for her own safety,” the family spokesman said.

“Because there was a knife involved, it might have been dangerous and we want to thank her for trying to save Sobia.

“And we would also like to extend our thanks to the paramedics, ambulancemen and police for all their efforts in what was a terrible event.

“Everything is very sad at the moment and we do not want to make any further comment at this stage.”

The family member confirmed that problems following the death of Mrs Yousef’s nine-year-old daughter in October last year meant she had been a patient at Lynfield Mount Psychiatric Hospital.

An inquest into Mrs Yousef’s death was opened by Bradford Assistant Coroner Oliver Longstaff on Thursday.

Bradford District Health Care Trust, which runs Lynfield Mount, has begun a “thorough” investigation into the circumstances leading to the death.

Its deputy chief executive Nicola Lees said: “This is a serious incident. The trust has begun a thorough investigation into the circumstances involved.

“We are working with the coroner’s office and other agencies.”

Yesterday, the T&A reported how Mrs Borejko, of Bingley, said she was now haunted by the horror of what she saw.