A woman who killed herself in a Shipley supermarket had been driven to despair by the tragic death of her nine-year-old daughter five months before, it was revealed last night.

Members of the mosque where mourning has begun in her memory say the 36-year-old mother, of Frizinghall, was distraught when the daughter she was devoted to lost her battle with a terminal illness she had suffered since birth.

Bradford Councillor Imdad Hussain was at the Jami’at Tabligh Mosque on Aireville Road, Frizinghall, last night for the start of the four-day mourning ceremony – as was one of the young sons of the woman who has not yet been named by police.

Coun Hussain said the death of the woman’s daughter had left her with mental health problems and she had undergone treatment at Lynfield Mount psychiatric hospital in Bradford.

And he said questions now had to be asked about the level of care she had received before she stabbed herself in the throat in front of staff and shoppers at Asda’s store in Manor Lane, Shipley, on Tuesday morning.

“It is a great tragedy which has left the whole local community and far beyond in shock,” said Coun Hussain (The Peace Party, Heaton). “It is such a terribly sad way for anyone to end their life.

“At the mosque I spoke with several people who knew her well and had known her from school days.

“Sadly it seems that she lost her nine-year-old daughter some five months ago and it was that which triggered the collapse of her mental state.

“Her daughter had been born with an illness and the doctors only gave the baby a year to live.

“However she managed to stay alive until she was nine and there was a very special and close bond between the mother and daughter.”

And after the medical condition finally claimed her daughter, the woman’s world apparently fell apart.

Coun Hussain said other factors might also have contributed to her state of mind. He said: “It is known she also had other domestic issues and difficulties, but it was the death of her daughter which led to her being in and out of Lynfield Mount.”

Others in the area have also spoken of how the woman was often seen in an emotional and distressed state.

Coun Hussain said the care and treatment she received from mental health professionals needed to be examined.

He said: “I for one would like questions answered, because if the lady has spent time in Lynfield Mount, were the different organisations involved aware of her extreme mental state and what was being done to safeguard her? Was she getting the right support for any mental problems she may have had?

“Questions have to be asked of the authorities and organisations involved over what support was being given.”

An inquest into her death was expected to be opened in Bradford today.

The hearing will be adjourned pending a detailed investigation by coroner’s officers into what caused the tragedy which will include an examination of the health care she had been receiving.