A Bradford councillor has renewed his demand that Silsden Town Council hand over £25,000 of police cash.

Andrew Mallinson insists that Bradford Council must be given the money to spend on community facilities in the town.

But town council chairman Chris Atkinson has reiterated that his members were keeping the money for their proposed community building in Wesley Place.

West Yorkshire Police originally provided the money in 2005 for a community contact point in Silsden, after the police station closed.

Bradford handed the money to Silsden Council about two years ago to provide a facility.

Coun Mallinson, who represents Craven Ward on Bradford Council, last October asked for the money to be given back so it could be spent on the refurbishment of Silsden Town Hall.

Coun Atkinson then declared: “Possession is nine tenths of the law and we have the money. The money was given to the people of Silsden, not to Bradford.”

Coun Atkinson this week told the Keighley News that his comment would be exactly the same as last October.

He said that recent discussions between the two councils over the issue were confidential.

Coun Mallinson said: “The Town Council has had over two years to develop a scheme. They’ve been given so much opportunity to do some positive and worthwhile for Silsden.”